Book Distribution
We are passionate about helping those with good books gain a solid footing in the marketplace. New Shelves was formed to give small presses the same opportunities that the bigger publishers get. We have been the best option for self-published authors and the best source of information from the front lines of publishing since we opened in 2006. New Shelves Distribution combines low-cost POD, eBook, and Traditional distribution with focused, effective book sales.
New Shelves Distribution offers a number of sales and marketing programs to get your books in front of bookstore buyers.

Want to take your book sales to the next level? We have book sales experts that can pitch your book directly to the book buyers.  You may hire us to take advantage of our sales relationships and experience as well.  We believe in fitting the book and author with just the right services and tailor our plans to your needs.  Below is a list of ways we could be of service:

Want to turn your book into an ebook and get it up on Kindle, Nook and iPad but have no idea how? Don’t have time to handle your eBook conversion and sales program? Let us help! We take care of everything. $.50 per eBook sold and a $300 set up fee allows us to format your book in both the necessary formats for Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo and the rest.